2:30 p.m. update

We have completed our snow removal services for today. Please do not leave your cars on the street! We will be out again overnight following the city snow plows. 

For deep driveways: The Client is responsible for keeping the driveway free of ice build up by throwing down salt or other type of abrasive. Should there be no presence of abrasive on the driveway; the driver will not go down.  

Thank you and have a good afternoon!

Icy conditions…

Snow removal operations will begin at midnight following the cleaning of the streets.  Rest assured, we will be clearing the snow behind your cars following each city pass. Please note that during our final pass, given the icy conditions of the driveways, we will clean solely where there are no parked cars.  Moreover, we will not be cleaning any deep driveways that show no sign of abrasives.

 Thank you for your understanding